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The Vera – Gold / Rose Gold /Rhodium plated pewter


Measuring 7/8 of an inch by 7/8 of an inch, the caduceus charm hangs on a beautiful 7.5 inch medium chain link with the signature medical cross at the clasp. An engraving plate is built into the chainĀ  which reads “Save Me” on the front and on the back side reads “Diabetic.”

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*Please note that the combination of metals with this piece doesn’t allow for personal engraving, seeing as the piece must be engraved before it is plated. More pre-engraved medical condition pieces will be coming out soon. Please stay tuned. Please see our higher-end line for the personal engraving.

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Gold Plated Pewter, Rhodium Plated Pewter, Rose Gold Plated Pewter