How to beat the Summer heat! STAY HYDRATED! :)

Below are some important things to keep in mind to beat the summer heat!

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It is very important to make sure that you and your loved ones are getting enough nutrients and are staying hydrated during this time of year. Look out for the signs and symptoms of dehydration and learn easy ways to prevent it by reading the articles below!


“Symptoms of Dehydration in Adults

The signs and symptoms of dehydration range from minor to severe and include:

-Increased thirst
-Dry mouth and swollen tongue
-Palpitations (feeling that the heart is jumping or pounding)
-Sluggishness fainting
-Inability to sweat
-Decreased urine output”

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Coconut water is a great alternative to water and other sports drinks. If you enjoy the flavor of coconut than you are in luck. Drinking this is one of the best ways to stay hydrated and cool off from heat.

“All about Coconut Water:
The Hawaiians refer to coconut water as “dew from the heavens,” because of coconut water health benefits. Coconuts are classified as a fibrous one-seeded drupe, which is a fruit with a hard, stony covering. Coconut water is dissimilar from coconut milk, in that coconut water comes from the liquid inside a young, green coconut, while coconut milk is produced from the meat of a mature, ripe coconut. Coconut water has been used not only as a source of food, but also as a medicine. During World War II and the Vietnam War, doctors used coconut water in intravenous IV solutions, when traditional water supplies were low, and doctors realized coconut water benefits included electrolyte replacement. The American market for coconut water has grown tremendously since its introduction and manufacturers are offering various types of products that contain coconut water nutrition, such as sports drinks, fruit juices, yogurts and sorbets.

Coconut Water

Coconut water benefits and coconut water nutrition are numerous due to the amount of essential nutrients it contains, which include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes and growth hormones; because coconuts grow near the sea, they have continual access to mineral-rich salt water supplies, which enables them to absorb the water through their root systems. This makes coconut water a rich source of major minerals, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, in addition to the trace elements iodine, zinc, sulfur, selenium, sulfur, manganese, boron and molybdenum. One of the main coconut water health benefits comes from its electrolyte content and explains coconut water benefits associated with its use as a popular sports drink. Coconut water has relatively no fat content and is comparatively lower in sugar than other fruit juices. It contains a fifth of the sugar content that other fruits do, yet has a mildly sweet taste. Coconut water does, however, contain high amounts of sodium.

Coconut water health benefits include increasing rehydration, boosting the immune system, decreasing heat stroke, increasing blood circulation in diabetics and anti-aging treatments. Coconut water nutrition comes from the fact that it’s a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Primary coconut water benefits are its ability to rehydrate the body following exercise if consumed during rigorous exercise due to the essential electrolytes it contains. Although it’s been referred to as “nature’s Gatorade,” in comparison to popular sports drinks, it’s 100 percent natural, has 15 times more electrolytes and is low in calories. It’s used successfully in treating and relieving symptoms of heat stroke because it enables the recipient to receive coconut water benefits quickly as it’s absorbed into the bloodstream. Because of coconut water health benefits and its ability to rapidly rehydrate, it is also demonstrated to be effective in remedying influenza, dysentery, cholera and other infectious diseases that require hydration.”

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*One of my personal favorite brands of coconut water is by Harmless Harvest. They have a flavor of 100% raw coconut water mixed with fair trade coffee. It is naturally sweet and dairy free making it the perfect pick me up to enjoy in the summer heat.
Find out more about this Brand of coconut water on their website…


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