“Hope is a waking dream.” -Aristotle

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I feel so blessed today to have Type 1 Diabetes. 13 years ago I was faced with what seemed like a terrible fate. I was 14 and told that in order to live I would have to give myself daily injections. My mother, Kim  and my father, Jim were the first to administer my shots until I was confident enough to do them myself.
I have started this company, Twiggy and The Gryphon , with great help from my Uncle Jay , as my attempt to turn that terrible day 13 years ago into a legacy.
This company is my gift back to the world to show that you can turn what you may see as a weakness, into a strength. Anything is possible in this big world. I am so grateful to be on my way to making a difference and I have all of my close friends and family to thank.
So thank you, for helping me to make this dream of mine possible. ❤️

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